DAPL protesters: It's not over, why should we go home?

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MORTON COUTNY, N.D. (Valley News Live) - While many people are leaving the protest site, some are staying in the North Dakota cold and snow.

On Sunday, December 4, 2016 afternoon, Standing Rock Sioux tribe members and their allies celebrated, crying tears of joy, over the fact the Dakota Access Pipeline project would be rerouted away from land that's deemed sacred.

Protesters say they know the fight is not over and Sunday's decision is only a delay. That is why some have vowed to stay, despite the Standing Rock Chairman statement that people can return home for the winter.

"It's good to be here. We are costing them money, but the fight is not really over, the pipeline is still going in and this is a way to just let air out of the movement," said Ingrid Vacca of Kansas.

Some continue to stream into the camp, while others leave. People are bringing supplies like wood and winter clothing to keep protesters warm during the North Dakota cold.

"It sounds very convenient that they are doing that," said Brian Gochel of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. "We have a lunatic taking over in a few weeks that will just turn it over, so I realize that people are still going to be here. They still need to be warm, they still need help, I don't think the fight is over."