Customers scramble as Moorhead Sam's Club closing nears

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MOORHEAD, M.N. (Valley News Live): The announcement that the Moorhead Sam’s Club was shutting down prompted a bargain rush and created clearance chaos.

Friday, members lined up and waited outside in hopes to take advantage of the deals. Some came to do their regular shopping, while others left with carts full of items. Keri Miller, Fargo resident, spent more than expected. “Just over $300,” she says.

Miller was upset to hear the store was closing and doesn’t plan on shopping in the Fargo location. Her membership expires next month and will not renew. “I don't like the other one and it's very inconvenient. This location is a lot better and has more of what I want,” she explains.

Michael Rinkenberger, Fargo Sam's Club Manager, has been working hard to improve the location. “We’ve put a lot of effort in maintaining a clean and friendly environment and making that a better opportunity for the members,” he says.

Rickenberger hopes that Moorhead members will start to shop in Fargo. “The goal is to retain all the members and to be able to give them that opportunity to use their membership at the Fargo store. And continue being a Sam's Club member,” he explains.

The Moorhead hours have changed to 10am-6pm every day, until they close their doors on the 26th.