Retail stores using personal touch to compete with online shopping

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - There's much talk about the future of shopping malls and big box stores. But stores are fighting back. You may have noticed it through some more smiles and greetings when shopping.

A lot of you are hitting the malls to find that perfect holiday gift. And while hunting, you may have noticed people working in these stores being a little more attentive to your needs.

"I think they do a pretty good job. I always get what I need and when I ask for help, they usually give me help," says Area Resident, Sharon Ouma.

Sharon isn't alone. We spoke with a number of people in the mall who are seeing more cheery attitudes. So is it really a change? Has it always been there? Or could it be the online competition leading to these smiling faces?

"When people come into our stores, we want to give them an experience that is second to none," says Trade Home Store Manager, Travis Hansen.

It's not just the big box stores or your favorite store in the mall, take a look downtown at Violet Vintage. Owner, Pamela Kinslow says she feels the same way.

"I greet people with a smile and a hello, I'm just glad that they stop in to visit and see my shop," says Violet Vintage Owner, Pamela Kinslow.

Kinslow has been in the retail business for a long time, she knows her stuff. When it comes to working with customers, she wants to make it an experience and not just your run of the mill shopping trip.

"I love the enjoyment of seeing a customer find a beautiful garment of beautiful quality and trying the item on, and saying ‘wow’ in the mirror. To me, that's what it's all about," says Kinslow.

It's no secret, more and more people are shopping online. But the business people we spoke to say it's no comparison. They say shopping in stores has something the internet can never offer.