Customers flock to bars and restaurants for their reopening

Published: May. 2, 2020 at 12:12 AM CDT
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Downtown Fargo looked a lot more like what it used to on Friday night as people took advantage of the lifted restrictions on bars and restaurants.

Across the city, parking lots that have been empty for weeks were packed again as the state lifted restrictions.

Bars, restaurants, and gyms were given the choice to open up, and many people were eager to get inside, some coming to their favorite spots right at opening.

But this is all not without some changes.

Many if not all places are displaying the guidelines given by the state: keeping capacity at 50%, spacing out the tables inside, and asking their guests that to find a place to sit and not move around.

Some bargoers said they understand the gravity of the situation and don't take new the freedom lightly.

“It's up to every individual to allow this to keep going," said one bargoer, John Haman. "Because, you know, if we just abuse it, we're going to go right back into isolation.”

Others noticed the changes in place, but it didn't deter them.

“It's 50% to what they’re allowing as far as people in the building so we knew that it would be spread out," explained Jacob Knodel as he was enjoying the patio at Pub West in West Fargo. "I mean, we’ve been cooped up for a few months. It's just good to get out of the house.”

Many bargoers expressed that they want to support their local bars that have been struggling for weeks.

“It works both ways," said Taylor Lies of Fargo. "We can support a local business, we can hang out with our friends, and we can also do our part to do our social distancing.”

One of the things that Governor Doug Burgum asked of those who did chose to head out once the restrictions have been lifted is to be respectful of others and wear a mask. Nearly none of those out on Friday were seen wearing masks, but most of the bar staff were.

Not all businesses opted to open on Friday. Some are taking the weekend to make sure they are ready to open while following all the state guidelines.