Curbside graduation ceremony for Mahnomen High School

Published: May. 24, 2020 at 11:03 PM CDT
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“Our counselor promised us that we would have something memorable and that we did!”

Mahnomen High School senior Laney Swiers and her whole family piled into the car and headed to her 2020 curbside graduation ceremony.

“A mix of emotions,” said Swiers. “A little bit sad that it can’t be a regular ceremony but also really really happy that we did it in the end. I’m just really really proud of all my classmates and myself that we did it!”

Mahnomen High School staff say they were not going to let coronavirus take away the day seniors have looked forward to their entire high school career.

“It’s a way to celebrate their accomplishments,” said Mahnomen High School principal, Kevin Hedstrom. “They’ve worked hard for a long time and they deserve something and this is the least we can do.”

One by one, the students drove up to the podium, received their diploma, and drove off, officially as high school graduates. The celebration didn’t stop there. With the help of first responders, the grads went on a parade through town, being cheered on by all those they passed.

“It shows me that our community supports everyone,” Swiers said. “No matter where you come from or what you look like, you’re always supported here.”

A small town doing what they can to show the seniors they aren’t forgotten.

“I hope they remember that although the ceremony is a little bit different, they still graduated. They did it, and they have the support of the community behind them,” said Hedstrom.

And the new grads, with a story for the books.

In addition to the curbside graduation and the parade, Mahnomen High School also had a virtual ceremony online.

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