Crime Week: School Resource Officers Share What Happens In School

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The problems in our kids school are different then they were five, ten and twenty years ago. For the Valley Today Crime Week we talked with School Resource Officers from around the area about what they are seeing happen at school and what they do about it.

While fist fights in the school yard aren't happening, bulling is still something all the officers deal with on a daily basis. Christie Jacobsen SRO at South High School, Officer Ethan Meehan a Moorhead SRO and Officer Rhonda Jorgensen SRO at Sheyenne High School all agree it something parents should keep an eye on is their children's social media accounts. Bullying they see is happening online instead of in the school halls.

Officer Jorgensen told us on Wednesday she caught two students with electronic smoking devices. The SRO's say when that happens they try to work with the school to contact the parents and leave it to them to decide how they want their child disciplined.

A warning for parents from the SRO's was the new apps that can be hidden on your teen's phone. For more on them look to the link to the right of this story. The officers say parents should know they have the power when it comes to their kids, adding it's okay to look through their phones or backpacks to be sure they aren't doing things they shouldn't be.

The SRO's say they just want to be there to support the kids and make a positive connection with them while they are in school.

"It's important at any age, but many of them have never met a police officer before, or have never had a good interaction with one, and just letting them know we're human too. And you guys can come to us with anything you need, we're a resource for you at school and we're here to help you get through your school and get on to life but hold you accountable if there is things that do turn up." Officer Meehan says.