Crime Week: Importance of Learning Self Protection

What would you do if a person pointed a gun at you, came at you with a knife or demanded you go with them? It's situations that may seem scary to think about, but thinking through what action you would take could save your life or the life of a loved one.

The North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) is trying to help by offering a Self Protection & Predator Awareness course. It will give people the knowledge to recognize predators, learn about what to do and practice techniques to escape.

Safety Consultant for NDSC Skyler Dutton talked with us about the importance of the education behind self protection along with showing us some moves. Dutton says while each situation will be different, it's important to have the training and knowledge to help you when an attack comes.

NDSC will be holding a class on December 7th. For more information look to the link to the right of this story.

In Fargo, Certified Krav Maga is another place that does classes with adults and adolescents. Head Instructor John Bohreer says they want to be part of a solution not the problem.

"We are a group of fewer than 100 instructors in the world (less than ten teach) certified by one of the original military founders of Krav Maga (Hebrew for 'Contact Combat') We are not a sport; there are no tournaments. We do not train people that have been convicted of murder, attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assault or rape/domestic violence. Adolescents must have a waiver signed by parents and sent to their school administrator verifying they have not been involved in bullying. We want to be part of the solution not add to the problem. Our philosophical motto is, “Evil should not win. We help you win." Bohreer says.

Through their class they train people to be safe and confident no matter where they go.

"We teach self-defense/force escalation law and situational awareness tactics also to our students and are in the process of obtaining instructor certifications for the elite USMC Combat profiling program (think situational awareness on steroids) and the prestigious Law of self-defense instructor program. This gives us the ability to teach our students how to see and avoid trouble and understand violence psychology. How to defend themselves with Krav Maga if they are forced into a violent confrontation. While still staying within the lawful bounds of non-state use of force." Bohreer explains.

For more on Certified Krav Maga look to the link to the right of this story.