Cramer preps for Senate nomination at ND GOP Convention

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GRAND FORKS,N.D. (Valley News Live) North Dakota republicans are in Grand Forks with an eye on a U.S. Senate seat. April 6, 2018, kicked off the start of the Republican State Convention.

"I'm excited for this political process that's about to take place. It's what makes America, America," says Gwen Dahlan of Grand Forks.

Dahlen says she is looking forward to Kevin Cramer’s speech this weekend and is specifically hoping for a few topics to be discussed.

"Immigration. Immigration in this country is part of how I think President Trump got elected, so it would be very exciting to me because I've never heard some of his stances on immigration, the wall," Dahlen adds.

"I really want him to be behind Trump and I really want to see a... conservative process brought through because I really think that we hold on to family values here. And I really think that those are the core values of an America that can be held together," explains Jode Gibbs of Grand Forks.

Kevin Cramer knows he’s in for a tough fight. If he’s going to oust the incumbent democrat Heidi Heitkamp, he’s going to need all the support he can muster.

"With regards to the President's backing, we know who he's backing because he's talked to me many times before I got into this race. He's called me twice since I've gotten into the race," says Congressman Cramer.

Being a deep red state, North Dakota Republican Party Chairman, Rick Berg, says gaining the party’s nomination is very important and allows delegates to know that they have a voice.

Chairman Berg adds, "We have people from across the state that come and they get to meet these candidates one on one and they get to talk issues with them, and then they make a decision."

Cramer is scheduled to get the nomination April 7, 2018. The convention runs through April 8, 2018.