Court postponed for 85-year-old Fargo man facing murder charge after shooting his wife

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) A preliminary hearing for an elderly man facing a murder charge for shooting his wife has been postponed.

Court documents 85-year-old Louis Averson and his wife, Ila, agreed to take their own lives. After shooting his wife, Louis turned the gun on himself. He is currently still hospitalized.

His preliminary hearing and/or arraignment has been rescheduled for August 9th.

On June 2nd, Fargo Police were called to 331 Prairiewood Cir. S for a report of a gunshot victim in garage 205.

When officers arrived on scene, Louis Averson was found laying on the garage floor asking for help as he had a single gunshot wound to his chest. Court documents say in the garage there was a white Toyota Avaion and in the front passenger sat Ila Averson who was dead. Police say Illa had a gunshot would to the left side of her chest.

Louis was taken to Sanford Hospital and received care for his non-life threatening wound.

The documents say a search warrant was obtained for the garage, vehicle and condo belonging to the Aversons. During the search of the vehicle, police found a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver along with two spent casings. In the condo on the dining room table was documentation for last will and testament for Louis and Ila and also a bill from Anderson Bottrell Sanden and Thompson law firm with a date of June 1st, 2018.

Court documents say both Louis and Ila are 85-years-old and are in poor health. The Aversons agreed they would lock themselves in the garage and start the vehicle in attempt to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Louis said after the couple sat in their vehicle for five hours it was decided that Louis would shoot Ila in the heart and then shoot himself. He was arraigned in his hospital room June 5th.