Court docs say Beltrami County murder suspect dismembered bodies and burned them

 From left to right: Darren Stebe, 45; Kristi Trisco, 31; Daniel Linde, 54.
From left to right: Darren Stebe, 45; Kristi Trisco, 31; Daniel Linde, 54. (KVLY)
Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 4:02 PM CDT
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Court documents reveal gruesome details in a double homicide case near Bemidji.

Darren Stebe, 45, reportedly shot and killed two men from the Twin Cities on January 28 and then dismembered their bodies and tossed them into a fire pit, according to Beltrami County court records.

The remains of Adam Thorpe, 39, of Maple Grove and Jason McDonough, 41, of Superior were found at 6568 Highway 89 NW in Eckles Township February 5 by law enforcement.

Stebe was charged with two counts of second degree murder in connection to their deaths, according to Beltrami County Attorney David Hanson.

Court documents detailed that law enforcement were first contacted by the family of Thorpe and McDonough that they hadn't heard from the men in a week.

Stebe was reportedly driving a Honda Accord that belonged to one of the men. Stebe was questioned by law enforcement and he agreed to have the contents of his cell phone downloaded to assist in finding McDonough.

The download by authorities revealed an incriminating text. Stebe claimed to have meant McDonough in prison, according to court documents.

During an investigation, authorities had learned that Stebe had invited both men over to his home to discuss methamphetamine trafficking. Instead, Stebe shot them and stole approximately $5,000 that they had.

Stebe then admitted to his girlfriend Kristi Trisco, 31, that he murdered them in his garage and took the cash but couldn’t find any meth, according to court documents.

Investigators said Daniel Linde, 54, assisted Stebe in digging out a large area in order to build a bonfire capable of burning the bodies. Linde also helped Stebe move the bodies into the fire pit for disposal.

A medical examiner determined that Thorpe and McDonough were victims of multiple gunshot wounds and/or homicidal violence, according to court documents.

Two bullets were extracted from Thorpe’s back and chest.

Both Trisco and Linde are being charged with two felony counts each of Aiding an Offender, according to the Beltrami County Attorney.

Stebe has been in jail since February 5 for violating the conditions of his parole.