Court Documents Release More Information On The Quadruple Homicide

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 1:29 PM CDT
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The courts documents for the Washburn man charged in the quadruple homicide of four RJR Maintenance and Management employees have been released.

The affidavit says 44-year-old Chad Isaak is accused of shooting and stabbing the victims.

Documents say surveillance video shows Isaak arriving at 6:47 a.m. on Monday. Isaak was wearing a bright colored top, dark pants and bright colored head gear.

Isaak can be seen leaving the building around 7a.m. now wearing all dark clothing. An RJR vehicle is then driven away and parked at Indigo Signs. Police say they found blood smears on the door handles along with bright orange fibers inside the vehicle.

Police then see Isaak walk westbound towards Bill Barth Ford and out of view of surveillance.

Documents say a McDonald’s employee contact law enforcement and told them she saw a man wearing a camouflage ski mask, dark pants and dark shoes. The employee also said the man had something stuffed in his jack which he placed inside a white Ford F150 and drove off.

Police were able to find the Truck on surveillance video driving on Memorial Highway. A photo of the vehicle was taken and sent to all North Dakota law enforcement and surrounding agencies.

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department says they recognized the truck detectives were looking for. A traffic stop was conducted after 3:30 Thursday afternoon. Deputies waited for a search warrant before searching truck.

Documents say a substance consistent with blood that tested presumptively positive for human blood was found inside the white pickup truck.

A knife was recovered at Isaak’s home inside the washer. The base of the gun was found inside a freezer. Police also found nine spent shell casings consistent with the number of rounds fired at the site of the attack in Mandan.

Officers say the home smelled like chlorine. The clothing the suspect was wearing on the day of the accused murders was also recovered from the home.