Couple looks for stolen camper full of memories

Published: Aug. 5, 2017 at 6:11 PM CDT
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WE Fest plays host to thousands of RVs and campers, but these two were looking for just one.

The camper belonged to Ken and Barb Boogaard before it was stolen from their family lot in Clarissa Minnesota.

It held everything from irreplaceable family mementos to old high school year books they thumbed through with friends.

“'Cause you’d take them with you, when you go camping with your friends you bring them out, share them go through them. It was just fun. reminisce” says Barb.

Because of the huge number of campers at WE Fest, they thought their odds of finding theirs was a little higher.

Even if they didn’t, they’d still get the word out for those in the RV community.

“You get the exposure with this many people. If you can get half of them to recognize the photo of it and, wherever they head home to, kind of keep an eye out” says Ken.

To help with the search, they posted their camper, as well as their story, on the website Stolen911, a forum for those looking for their stolen property.

Within a few days, the post had been shared so many times that it had reached 29,000 views making it the most popular listing in the site’s history.

“I see this amazing amount of traffic going through and it’s all going to Barb’s stolen camper post. I’ve been doing this 10 years and I’ve never seen one take off like this” says Marc Hinch, the creator of Stolen911.

“It’s just overwhelming that so many people pay attention and that it is out there. You just don’t realize it until it happens” says Barb.

The couple searched for hours with the festival’s security team and didn’t turn up anything, but the pair hopes they’ve planted the seeds for a future find.

Regardless, they don’t wish anything bad on the person who took the camper that contained so many memories.

“And whoever took it, I hope you're enjoying it as much as we did” says Barb.

The couple is offering a $500 reward for anyone that gives information leading to the camper being returned.

A link to the Stolen911 post is attached to this story.