Consumer Reports pushes back against hidden fees

Hidden fees are taking a toll on consumers, billions of dollars a year. (MGN)

(NBC News) -- When Consumer Reports recently asked for opinions on hidden fees, they got an earful.

"Ninety-six percent said they were annoyed with hidden fees they experienced in their lives," says Consumer Reports' Anna Laitin.

Those included fees added when people bought plane or concert tickets, rented a car, or paid phone or cable bills.

"Eighty-five percent of people in the last two years said they noticed a hidden fee in a bill," Laitin notes.

There were so many complaints that Consumer Reports launched a new website asking consumers to share their hidden fee horror stories.

The new round of outrage is getting results.

Just last week Marriot was slapped with a lawsuit by the attorney general in Washington, D.C. accusing the hotel giant of charging deceptive and misleading resort fees.

"It's not just one company acting badly," Laitin says, "It's a marketplace where consumers are losing power and losing control and it's harder and harder to comparison shop."

Advocates want full disclosure from retailers up front and they're lobbying the government in case retailers don't it voluntarily.

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