Carrying a gun without a permit? Could be a possibility in North Dakota & Minnesota

Published: Jan. 14, 2017 at 8:04 PM CST
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North Dakota and Minnesota legislatures proposed bills to change the way we carry guns in public.

If these pieces of legislation are passed, North Dakota and Minnesota residents will be able to carry a concealed firearm without having any type of permit but it will only be good for you in either North Dakota or Minnesota.

If you're traveling out of state and still want to conceal and carry, you will need to get a concealed weapons license.

A Class One license will give reciprocity in 39 states including both North Dakota and Minnesota.

We spoke with a Carry 4 Defense Instructor who believes having to get a permit helps a person learn the gun laws and he says it's when you don't know the law that you run into trouble.

"They still have to follow the laws. They still have to be legal gun owners. It comes down to personal responsibility is what it is. If you don't take responsibility to learn the laws, they need to read that and understand it. Sometimes that manual is a little hard to understand so that's why it's nice to come to class and have someone explain it to you," explains Craig Roe.

If you do choose to conceal and carry in North Dakota and Minnesota should these bills pass, it's important to be aware that guns are not permitted in federal buildings and their parking lots along with some public gathering spaces like a public library.

As always, the second amendment is a hot topic and Congress is currently in the talks of a federal reciprocity which could give you the right to conceal and carry in all 50 states.