Community helps electric company get to broken lines after storm rips through state

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MILNOR, N.D. (Valley News Live)- As of 4:30, 96 people living in rural southeast North Dakota are still without power because of the storm that ripped through the state.

Which is why Dakota Valley Electric isn't able to turn the lights on for those 227 consumers who are still without power, as of this afternoon.

"This is something we haven't experienced before. Where we can't get out to the locations to work," says Craig Rysavy, Dakota Valley Electric.

Craig Rysavy says the community has been a huge help, plowing out streets so his linemen are able to fix the broken lines.

"I have a whole page of people that called about type of equipment that they have. Large tractors, pay loaders, 4WD tractors, bulldozers, things like that. I can select from that list when the guys are in that area to open that up," says Rysavy.

Craig says they are doing the best that they can, and hope to get power back on within a few days.

"If we could have no snow conditions where we could drive everywhere for repairs, we would be done by midnight tonight. But this is going to stretch it out I'm afraid. I'm telling people three days, because of the conditions,"

As for the people who'll be without power for a couple more days, Craig says most people have a backup generator that they're using in the mean time.

To see when your power will be back on, go to the attached link.