Community helps clean up after storm rolls through Winger

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WINGER, M.N. (Valley News Live)- Communities across the region continue to clean up after last nights storm.

"It was really scary. Cause you know, the wind stuck around for a little while, but it was really quick, really fast, and then it was gone," says Amanda Kindall, Renter in Winger.

Amanda Kindall says she was terrified during the storm, but now she's grateful it didn't damage anything significant.

"To lose a couple windows and what we had in the backyard, is way better than losing our vehicle or our home," says Kindall.

Some homes in Winger had large trees in their yards, along with silo's that were damaged.

Others had shingles ripped from their house and windows broken into from tree branches.

"Tree's are one thing but there are a couple of people that lost some buildings. The elevator here in town took some severe damage," says Ron Lemer, Volunteer.

The Calvary Lutheran Church in town also had major damage to it. Windows were broken, and glass was everywhere inside.

But the community came together to lend a saw, to help with clean up efforts around town.

"It really shows that the community can pull together when they want to and need to," says Jerry Kaupang, Volunteer.

The Polk County Sheriff's Department told me power is back up in Winger, and they're determining the degree of property damage some residents had.

The sheriff's department tells us no one was hurt from the storm.