Community comes together to raise money and awareness around heart disease

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- The rain didn't stop hundreds of people from coming out Thursday Night for a walk devoted to raising awareness on heart disease.

It was a very special night for one young survivor who was there.

Willow is a six-year old who was born with a very serious heart defect where essentially she was only born with half a heart.

Cassie Marka, Willows mother, tells us she had three open heart surgeries within the first three years of her life.

She says having the support of extended family, co-workers and medical professionals makes fighting the battle all worth it..

"You need all of it to overcome a big hurdle like this so it means the world to us to support to continue to fight for other people it's all what it's meant to be," says Willow's Mom, Cassie Marka.