Common misconceptions about vaccinating your kids

Published: Apr. 18, 2017 at 4:17 PM CDT
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Minnesota Health officials confirm they have nine cases of measles in the Twin Cities area. Eight of the confirmed cases were in children of Somali decent and they are expected to rise. So what are the common misconceptions that are still floating around about getting your kids vaccinated?

Whooping cough, mumps and measles have popped up all across our region. Sanford Dr. Cliff Mauriello says there was an outbreak of measles in South Dakota last year and also an outbreak of mumps in Minot.

In recent years, parents have had several questions about vaccine safety, causing some to not get their children vaccinated at all. Dr. Cliff says one of the biggest misconceptions out there involves Autism.

"Vaccines do not cause Autism period. That has been proven in multiple studies," said Dr. Mauriello.

Other myths out there are babies immune systems can not handle vaccines and they are not needed because the infection rates are low in the United States. Dr. Mauriello says people do not understand how serious these diseases really are. He adds that getting vaccinated against these diseases can help keep children away from a serious illness.

Children should start with their vaccines as babies and follow the Center for Disease Control recommended schedule into adolescents. Just because a child misses a vaccine does not mean they can't get caught up.

The measles outbreak in the Twin Cities is happening to children ages one through four.

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