College students in Moorhead offered free rides to polling sites

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On Election Day Tuesday, several colleges provided students with free shuttle rides to polling sites.

Students in Concordia College and Minnesota State University Moorhead were given bus rides to voting locations.

The offer came after the city of Moorhead in January closed the polling places at both campuses.

Justin Kringler, a freshman at Concordia College, was waiting for a shuttle bus Tuesday that was transporting students to First Presbyterian Church in Moorhead.

“I feel like it’s my duty to go vote since I’m an adult now,” Kringler said.
This was Kringler’s first time casting a ballot.

“I was debating whether I’ll go vote…will my vote really matter?” Kringler said.

Yet, he did vote and joining him on his shuttle ride was freshman Frederick Shih.

Like Kringer, this is Shih’s first time voting.

Shih said his family has always been politically active, however, he understands why some people do choose to stay home.

“People just feel that they don’t know what their voting for,” Shih said. “It’s just really hard to get into it.”

The last thing people should do is not vote because they believe their vote doesn’t matter, according to Shih.

“If it doesn’t matter, it’s better that you go vote because if it did, that’s infinitely worse,” Shih said

Director of Student Engagement at Concordia College Nathalie Rinehardt said the free shuttle rides went from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Clay County DFL rented a private bus for students to provide them with a “nonpartisan way to get to the polls" and the city of Moorhead helped by offering shuttle vans, according to Concordia College.

“We’re hearing a good buzz that students are interested, thinking about it, and seeking out resources so they can be informed voters,” Rinehardt said.

Justin Kringler hopes more Concordia College students fill shuttle buses for the 2020 presidential election as opposed to the lowly two riding on Tuesday.