Cody Holte's hometown "lights it up blue" for their final farewell

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 4:52 PM CDT
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Cody Holte was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon in the Augustana Church cemetery in rural Halstad, where Cody grew up. Halstad and neighboring Hendrum, Minnesota, are remembering Cody as their "hometown hero."

There were pieces of blue on light posts, trees and porches.

"I've watched him grow up, become a father," said Donna Scholl, Cody's Teacher, and Clerk at Valley Hardware. "This is a really hard day."

Cody Holte will be remembered by his loyalty, kindness, humbleness and honor.

"He always thought of others and put others first, and that's why he's a hero today," said Scholl.

Donna Scholl said the demand to "light it up blue" in Hendrum and Halstad was so high, they wiped out the F-M area of blue lights.

"I've known Cody since he was born actually," said Scholl. "I went to high school with his mom and later was his teacher in high school.

Principal Mary Nikalus knew Cody Holte the day he stepped into her kindergarten classroom.

"He was amazing, just even his manners, walking on the first day of kindergarten," said Mary Nikalus, Principal at Norman County West Elementary School. "He was an all-American kid. Just loved sports, loved athletics."

She said Cody was doing what he loved and that he was destined to always be in law enforcement.

Many say they're trying to keep busy; others say they're starting to feel the presence of Cody Holte, through the bold blue lights shining within.

Starting this evening, the Halstad and Hendrum communities will be "lighting it up blue" for Cody Holte. You can get blue lights for free from Valley Hardware in Halstad.