Cleaning companies are front lining coronavirus: 'We're the army with the microfiber gloves'

Published: Mar. 30, 2020 at 4:58 PM CDT
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The term "spring cleaning" has a new meaning with COVID-19. Not only are people itching to disinfect their homes, but they're hoping to make it healthy and safer. A local cleaning company has upped their game to stay ahead of the virus.

"We feel like it's our duty as a cleaning company, and now more than ever because of this pandemic, cleaning companies can rise up and be at the forefront," said Jeffrey Skinner, Founder of Home Helper Services.

Jeffrey Skinner and Jim Tinney with Home Helper Services says they're the guards at the gates when it comes to cleaning homes in the Valley.

They're upping their products to kill the coronavirus in homes.

"This just adds an extra layer of protection, so were adding an extra step when we go through just to re-ensure that everybody's getting the best protection they can," said Jim Tinney, CEO of Home Helper Services. "We want to create their home to be a safe environment where they know as they come in, and they disinfect their doorknobs, they wash their hands, they're in a safe environment after they've been there."

They say their team uses Lysol wipes to wipes down their cars and all their equipment.

Before you get the urge to clean, Skinner and Tinney are stressing the importance of removing dirt before disinfecting. Right now, they're doing light cleaning or sanitizing of "high touch zones" with a hospital-grade sanitizer.

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