City responds to Whistleblower complaints on snow plows

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:04 PM CST
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There's no let-up in the near future for city crews trying to clear "all" streets of snow. Despite the fact that the city says their plows have made it to every street at least once, we continue to get complaints on our Whistleblower Hotline from people frustrated with the weekend effort.

We talked with Fargo's Public Works Supervisor about the challenges they face.

"Saturday morning I went out, and it was really slippery, so I drove by one car, and their tires were like falling off cause they sild into a curb and I went home, and that was the last time I drove all weekend," said Jennifer Ellsworth.

Many said they felt like prisoners during the holiday weekend. They said they couldn't leave their homes.

The city wants you to know the plows started making their rounds at 10 in the morning Saturday.

"Well, it was a pretty long drawn out event," said Lee Anderson with the City of Fargo. "We tried starting residentials Saturday night at 7 p.m."

Lee Anderson said 25 people were working each day and night, but it wasn't enough. Since the city of Fargo is getting bigger, they need more staff.

He told us that when it came to budget time, the city asked for seven workers, and they got two.

"We worked around the clock starting Thursday night, and 11 p.m. We've been 24 hours around the clock since then, and we will continue to be until we make room for the next storm," said Anderson.

Complicating their efforts are cars parked on the streets. The city asks people to park elsewhere; otherwise, they have to double their workload.

Anderson added that their work now focuses on returning to many areas and cleaning up culdesacs.

Meanwhile, the City of West Fargo has an app that keeps track of plows and where they've been. You can find the link here:

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