City of Moorhead advises no travel due to adverse weather conditions

Moorhead, MN--- No travel is advised in the City of Moorhead due to adverse weather conditions until further notice. Resources from the police department and street department have been overtasked with clearing vehicles stuck and blocking roads in open areas of town where drifting is severe. Vehicles stuck in roadways can delay response times for emergency vehicles.

Street crews are currently fighting drifting on snow emergency routes and are finding that streets are drifted back in within minutes. The heaviest part of the storm is still on the way and will last for several hours. Street crews will be available to assist public safety responses for emergencies. They will begin major clearing efforts again at 4 AM and may take a minimum of 14 hours to get initial passes city-wide, depending on snow amounts and drifting complications. Remove all vehicles off streets to allow plows to safely clear all roads.

The police department is warning you that going around barricades could result in fines of over $100 plus the cost of towing/impound. Dangerous conditions exist – please stay home.