City of Fargo sees return of Dike Park sledding hills in the near future

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Many in our community are tired of seeing flood protection construction and all that comes with it especially near Island Park in Downtown Fargo where a bulldozer has taken away a beloved sledding place.

The Valley News team explains how much longer construction crews will be there invading our winter wonderland.

It may get icy in our neck of the woods this time of year but one perk to these wintry piles of snow is getting to go sledding.

A fan favorite for sledding is the Dike East Park which has been taken over by flood protection construction going on its third winter, but the City of Fargo has good news and sees an end in sight.

"We're slowly moving forward getting closer to wrapping this project up. It'll be getting wrapped up this summer," says the City of Fargo Engineer Nathan Boerboom.

The construction will give the City of Fargo a new level of flood protection which is something the Fargo Park District believes takes priority over anything else.

With Island Park, Dike East and Dike West being the oldest parks in the area, it's easy to see why they are missed by local sledders.

"It certainly has been a main stage that sledders have gone to not only enjoy as a child but also adults have enjoyed it," says the Fargo Park District Executive Director Joel Vettel.

During this time, the Fargo Parks District is working to push the amenities at their other sledding locations.

"We added another sledding hill in our Mickelson Park. The other one being up at the Edgewood. There's not only a sledding hill but we have an opportunity to go cross country skiing with some well groomed and beautiful trains," says Vettel.

And for those people who want nothing more than to sled down the slopes of their beloved Dike Park once again...

"The contractor has got most of the work done so there's no reason why we shouldn't anticipate it to be done this coming summer," adds Boerboom.