Cities with the most aggressive drivers

Traffic jam, Photo Date: 10/21/2013 / Cropped Photo: David Wilson / CC BY 2.0 / (MGN)

NBC - Traffic is an issue in most major cities, especially during rush hour but just which cities have the most aggressive drivers?

If you've experienced drivers speeding or honking the horn you're not alone.

A new study from Gas Buddy finds that Los Angeles has the most aggressive drivers in the US.

The gas station search app analyzed data from its drives feature, specifically frequency of speeding, hard braking and acceleration.

The second most aggressive driving city is Philadelphia.

Sacramento, Atlanta and San Francisco round out the top five.

Minneapolis is the least aggressive driving city in the US ranking number 30 out of 30.

The study also finds that Friday is the most aggressive driving day of the week. while Wednesday is the least aggressive driving day of the week.