Check your exhaust pipes for condoms, Moorhead woman says

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 10:56 PM CST
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You may want to randomly check your vehicle after you read this. A Moorhead woman is warning others after she saw someone trying to put a condom on someone's exhaust pipe. We talked with an auto expert about this prank, to find out if it could damage your car.

A woman took to Nextdoor app after she said she saw someone putting a condom on someone's tailpipe.

Moorhead police tell us that it happened around the 1800 block of 20th Street South.

A man jumped out of a vehicle and put a condom with an unknown substance on the back of someone's car.

Experts say it's probably a good idea to check your pipes.

"More than likely, if they're doing it, it's going to work on a vehicle like this where it has a round tailpipe, so it's just where that exhaust gas is going to come out," said Justin Hutchens, Service Manager of Matt's Automotive Service Center.

"If the vehicle was old and had a lot of miles, maybe the back pressure could cause some issues in the motor," said Hutchens. "I mean, if it were thick enough, maybe it would cause a no-start, but I think, for the most part, it's just going to be a prank."

The next time you start your engine, or you go to autostart your car.

You may want to check for a condom.

"Every day," said Evan Schultz from Moorhead. "The condoms are not going to be on my car. That's for sure."

"It's more or less a harmless prank that's going to scare the daylights out of you," said Hutchens.

As always, if you see any suspicious activity in your area, you are urged to call the police.