Charges pending against Grand Forks man who police say made up report

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) A charge is pending against a Grand Forks man after police say he made up a story about an armed man approaching him over the weekend.

Investigators say they have now determined the report by 24-year-old Reid Peterson was a fabricated story.

Peterson reported that he was approached by a man about a block away from the Grand Forks Central High School on Saturday, Nov. 11. He said the man threatened him with a handgun. Nothing was taken and Peterson was not hurt in the encounter.

A charge of False Report to Law Enforcement has been forwarded to the Grand Forks County State's Attorneys Office for review.

(An earlier version of this story said it was a robbery report. Since nothing was taken from the "victim", the story has been changed to reflect that.)