Charges filed against man at center of south Fargo manhunt

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 3:46 PM CDT
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Official charges have now been filed against the man at the center of an over four-hour man hunt in south Fargo last Friday.

24-year-old Hayden Bollinger is charged with two counts of felony terrorizing after allegedly pointing a rifle at a man and his young daughter.

Court documents say Bollinger was drinking in his garage when the victim's daughter walked by and Bollinger said something to her. The victim told officers Bollinger kept trying to motion to his young daughter over to his garage.

When the victim asked Bollinger what his problem was, the victim said Bollinger got in his face, and the victim eventually pushed him away.

The victim said he went to his daughter and started walking away when he heard Bollinger yell, 'Hey!' The victim told officers when he turned around, he saw Bollinger holding a rifle and pointing it at him. The victim said Bollinger then cocked the rifle as though he was ready to fire it.

Court documents say when asked if Bollinger was really going to shoot the victim in front of his daughter, Bollinger allegedly said, "Yeah, I don't give a ****."

The victim and his daughter soon ran off and called 911.

Court documents say a witness saw Bollinger holding the rifle as he looked out his window. The witness said Bollinger looked drunk, and was flailing the weapon around, which made him scared Bollinger would start shooting into the complex.

The victim told officers he didn't see Bollinger was pointing it at anyone from where he was in his apartment.

We have an exclusive interview with the victim, to find that story

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