Charges dropped in fatal hotel stabbing, two others arrested in case

UPDATE: On Monday, murder charges against 22-year-old Alan Bear were dropped in Cass County district court.

In a Monday morning press conference, Fargo Police released a statement saying that Bear acted in self-defense during an attempted robbery.

Court documents say on the night of September 7th, Alan Bear was renting a room at the AmericInn off of 23rd Ave South in Fargo.

Documents say Jakob Dirks and Robert Peightal went over to the hotel in the early morning hours of September 8th, and tried robbing the hotel room that Alan and his brother, Shawn Bear were staying in.

It was believed that Shawn was responsible for stealing a large amount of money from Dirks.

Police say Dirks was armed with a .22 caliber long rifle when he went into the hotel room and Peightal was armed with a club and a canister of pepper spray. The investigation lead police to believe that Peightal and Dirks intended to rob Shawn because of the belief that Shawn stole money from Dirks.

Court documents say when Dirks and Peightal got to the hotel, they found Alan Bear in front of the lobby smoking a cigarette. Video shows Peightal taking Alan's phone away from him. Bear then follows Peightal and Dirks through the lobby and to the hotel room. Alan told police he was threatened with a gun.

Witnesses say Jordan Plouffe let the three men into the room. Witnesses also say that Dirks hit Shawn with the rifle and that Alan stabbed Dirks one time in the abdomen. Documents say Dirks then left the room, and eventually succumbed to his wounds and passes out in the hallway.

The investigation lead police to believe that Plouffe was conspiring with Dirks and Peightal to commit the robbery by telling them where to find Shawn Bear.

Police say charges against Alan Bear are not appropriate because it appears he was acting lawfully when he defended Shawn Bear.

Jordan Plouffe and Robert Peightal were both arrested for conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit terrorizing.

ORIGINAL: Fargo Police officers responded to a disturbance at the Americinn Hotel. Once on scene officer located a male, laying in a hallway with an apparent stab wound to his lower torso. The victim, identified as Jakob A. Dirks, 23, from West Fargo, was transported to a local hospital and later pronounced dead.

The incident is still under investigation by the Fargo Police Department.