Cass County weed control will be spraying for noxious weeds

FILE - In this June 10, 2004 file photo, Steve Flint, director of the Adirondack invasive plant program for The Nature Conservancy, walks through a dense stand of Japanese knotwood near a brook in Keene Valley, N.Y. Officials in North Dakota are keeping an eye on two troublesome weeds, Japanese knotwood and Palmer amaranth, as they take public comments on whether to amend the state's list of noxious weeds _ those required by law to be controlled. (AP Photo/Mary Esch, File)

West Fargo, ND--- Cass County Weed Control is spraying for noxious weeds in the county, state and township road rights-of-way. Spraying for Leafy spurge, Canada thistle, Absinth wormwood, and other noxious weeds will continue into the fall.

The public is advised to be watchful of equipment working on the road shoulders and road ditches. Landowners wishing to mow their adjoining road ditches are asked to wait several days after the spray crews have sprayed in their area. This will allow the herbicide to affect the weeds. If spray crews encounter a recently mown road ditch, that area will not be sprayed but will be targeted for a later application.

Landowners are welcome to call the Weed Control Office to determine if spray activities have been completed in their area or to report weed infestations sites.