Cass County Social Services Executive Director is out after hostile workplace investigation

Executive Director of Cass County Social Services Chip Ammerman is out after a special meeting of the Cass Human Service Zone Board was held Tuesday afternoon.

In November of 2019, Cass County Commissioners decided to hire a lawyer to find out what was going on within Cass County Social Services.

The move came after a Cass County sheriff's investigator looked into allegations of a hostile workplace at Child Protective Services.

The investigator reported problems of high turnover, heavy caseload and unhappiness among CPS employees.

The Cass County Human Zone Board approved on Tuesday for discussions to be held for family services manager Linda Dorff and the CPS Unit Supervisor Rick VanCamp.

On March 16th, five potential actions will be taken including, no action at all, reassignment, termination, suspension or an improvement plan for both Dorff and VanCamp.

Ammerman's replacement, Pearl Ferguson, will start on March 16th.