Case against Moorhead police officer charged with aggravated assault dismissed

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- A Moorhead police officer has been cleared of assault charges after professionals say he acted reasonably after a woman he arrested ended up with a fractured nose and contusion to one of her eyes.

The initial criminal complaint says Moorhead Police officer Matthew Lambert transported a woman he just arrested to Sanford to be medically cleared. Lambert told officials the woman stood up from her hospital bed and spit on his face.

That’s when court records say Lambert tackled the woman onto the bed. Lambert told police he believed she struck her face on part of the bed when he tackled her. It was later found in an investigation that Lambert struck the woman with an elbow, causing a fractured nasal bone and contusion of the right eye.

Lambert was charged with aggravated assault, a felony but on Monday, his case was dismissed. The State’s Attorney’s Office sought an opinion on the case from what they’re calling, an expert. That person told them Lambert acted reasonably.

Deric Swenson with the Moorhead Police Department tells us Lambert is on paid administrative leave and the department has an ongoing investigation into a complaint against him.