Car gets impounded? What you pay depends on which city it was towed in

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West Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Bradley Palubicki parks his car on a street beside his West Fargo apartment building.

It’s not his go to vehicle during the winter since it doesn't do well in the snow.

“Specifically here, most people move to the streets before the storms because they don't know when the parking lot is going to get cleared,” Palubicki said.

During the recent snowstorm, his car was snowed in, the snow turned to ice and then, “it was gone.”

Palubicki found out a towing company took his car and he quickly learned that in which city it was towed in determines how much money you'll have to pay to retrieve it from the impound lot.

“Obviously, it was there awhile and I understand that they've gotta keep their streets clear,” Palubicki said. “My issue was, first off, $325 for a single night at impound is ridiculous. Most people don't have that money on hand.”

We were there as he received a letter notifying him his car was impounded, although he'd already retrieved it the day before.

“If I had gotten this today and I didn't know my car had been towed, that would be another $50,” Palubicki said.

Fargo and West Fargo operate differently when it comes to impounding vehicles and the costs show.

In the last two weeks, 73 vehicles in Fargo and 8 in West Fargo have been impounded for different reasons, according to data provided by the cities’ police departments.

Fargo has a contract with Fargo-Moorhead Towing and the minimum towing fee is $90 with an additional $10 release fee, according to the city's website. There's also a $20 a day storage fee.

The city of West Fargo's spokeswoman said the city doesn't have a contract with a towing company and owners pay the company directly to get their cars back, just as Bradley Palubicki did.

In West Fargo, people aren't allowed to park on snow emergency routes. There also isn't a city wide ordinance banning parking in certain areas during a snow emergency as there is in Fargo.