Buckled roads are popping up in the F-M area

FARGO, ND. (Valley News Live) - Summer heat is not forgiving and can cause some major problems as it impacts our roadways.

As the pavement heats up, it begins to expand. As the road has nowhere to expand, it buckles.

"They generally happen on extremely warm days, lots of sun and the pavement temperatures warm up to over 100 degrees," said Lee Anderson, Supervisor for Fargo Public Works.

It's already begun to happen around the F-M area with two locations in Fargo. One is on 25th St S in front of Shanley High School, and the other location is on 42nd Street S, just south of 40th Ave S. There is one location in West Fargo on a private street by the Menards. Also, there is at least one location in Moorhead on 8th St S at the intersection of 24th Ave S.

When the road buckles, Anderson says it creates a real hazard for drivers if they aren't paying attention.

"When you are traveling before they mark it, and you are one of the first few to come upon those, they can sneak up on you and be quite dangerous, especially on the interstate system where speeds are a little faster," Anderson said.

It can damage your car and even lead to car crashes if you aren't prepared.

"They can cause some real damage, and they are a real concern," Anderson said.

Anderson says as the summer continues and there is a possibility for more roads to buckle, people need to slow down and pay attention so they can spot roads that have buckled before it's too late.

He also says they have plans to fix the two buckled streets in Fargo later this week.