Brooke Crews testifies grisly details of Savanna Greywind's murder

Published: Sep. 25, 2018 at 12:22 PM CDT
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UPDATE: The afternoon session of William Hoehn's trial started with a lot of people asking, 'What's going on?' as it was delayed over an hour.

When we were finally let back into courtroom, new information surfaced involving a fellow inmate of Crews, Ms. Robinson. Robinson says Crews told her that she strangled and killed Savanna herself, because she found out Savanna and William Hoehn were having an affair, and that Savanna's baby might be his.

Crews adamantly denied these claims, saying she's never talked about this case with anyone. And prosecutors brought it to the court's attention that Robinson has multiple false information charges against her.

Court will not resume until 1 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, unlike the normal 9 a.m. start time. When asked why, prosecutors say this case is 'a work in progress.'

Ashton Matheny and a detective with Fargo Police are expected to take the stand tomorrow. Prosecutors expect closing statements to start on Thursday.


The gruesome moments before Savanna Greywind’s death were revealed in court this morning at William Hoehn’s sixth day of trial. Hoehn is accused of being a co-conspirator in the murder of Savanna in August 2017. His then girlfriend, Brooke Crews admitted to killing Greywind and was sentenced to life in prison earlier this year.

Crews took the stand first thing this morning, recounting the days and months leading up to Savanna’s crude murder.

Crews testified that she convinced Hoehn that she was pregnant in early 2017. She said she used old sonograms & pregnancy tests that she had from one of her other children. She also played Hoehn a baby’s heartbeat, that she found online. Crews said even she was convinced she was pregnant, but ‘can’t explain’ why she kept up her pregnancy ruse for so long.

Crews says Hoehn had ‘fantasies’ of drugging & raping girls, ‘but then he’d have to kill (the girl) because there couldn’t be any witnesses.’ Crews said Hoehn also had ‘sexual preferences’ for choking Crews with ropes.

Crews testified that in a fight with Hoehn on Aug. 6, 2017, Hoehn told Crews that he knew she wasn’t pregnant. But Hoehn said he had already told people she was pregnant, so he told Crews she needed ‘to produce a baby,’ which made Crews think that she ‘better have a baby & it didn’t matter’ how she got it.

Crews says Hoehn came home one day in early August and told her ‘that Greywind girl is really pregnant.’ Crews said it was implied that Hoehn wanted to get Savanna’s baby from her, but it was never directly said to her.

Crews then detailed what happened the afternoon of Aug. 19, 2017.

Crews said she invited Greywind up to help her with a sewing project. When Greywind arrived, an argument started where Crews accused Greywind of throwing her cat and stealing her mail. Crews says a physical altercation ensued and ended with her pushing Greywind. Crews says Greywind hit her head on the bathroom sink and fell to the floor unconscious.

Crews said she grabbed a knife from the drawer, began cutting and 'reached in and took the baby out.' She added that Savanna was in and out of consciousness when Crews was doing this.

Crews said Hoehn got home shortly after and asked if Savanna was dead. Crews replied, "I don’t know. Please help me."

Crews said Hoehn left the bathroom, but came back soon after with just his underwear on. Crews said Hoehn had a rope in his hands and put the rope around Savanna’s neck saying, "If she wasn’t dead before, she is now."

Crews went on to testify that she and Hoehn cleaned the blood up and put Savanna's body in the bathroom closet. Crews says she 'tried not to freak out' when the police came to her door.

Police searched Crews and Hoehn's apartment twice on Aug. 19 and once on Aug. 20 with Crews and Hoehn's permission. Because these searches were conducted without search warrants, police were not allowed to look inside of drawers or behind doors.

Crews says Savanna's body was in the bathroom closet during both of those searches on the 19th, and the baby was covered with a blanket on the bed next to Hoehn.

Crews says on Aug. 20, Hoehn hollowed out his dresser and put Savanna's body, wrapped in towels and garbage bags, inside. Her body was inside the dresser when police made that third search on Aug. 20.

Crews says in the early morning hours of Aug. 21, she and Hoehn carried the dresser down the stairs and loaded it into their Jeep Cherokee.

Savanna's body was found on Aug. 28 in the Red River.

Court resumes at 1:30 this afternoon.