5-year-old thrown from MOA balcony still alive, criminal charges to be filed Monday

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (WCCO) — The 5-year-old boy who was thrown from a third-floor balcony at Mall of America Friday is still alive and receiving care at Children’s Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis, according to Bloomington police.

Emmanuel Aranda, 24, was found and arrested in the mall’s transit station after running away from the scene. He was transferred to Hennepin County Jail Friday night.

Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts says criminal charges will likely be filed against Aranda by mid-day on Monday.

He is expected to be charged with attempted homicide.

Potts said Bloomington police have had three prior contacts with Aranda in 2015 — two of which were connected to incidents at Mall of America. A criminal complaint says in one case, he was suspected of “throwing things off the upper level of the mall to the lower level.” In another case,

Aranda assaulted a woman inside Twin City Grill after she refused to buy him food. He was also charged with destroying five computers inside of a north Minneapolis library that same year.

A witness says the child's mother was screaming that someone had thrown her child from the balcony.

"She was screaming, 'Everyone pray, everyone pray. Oh, my God, my baby, someone threw him over the edge,'" Brian Johnson told WCCO.

Mall of America officials said any more information about the incident will come from police.