Border-to-Border ruck march passes through Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) 240 miles, one step at a time. That's what four men from Fargo are doing this Memorial Day weekend.

They're walking from the Canadian border to the South Dakota border to raise money and awareness for “The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation.” It’s a group that helps veterans with PTSD.

Trent Dawson, is one of the men participating in ruck march as the group passed through Moorhead Friday.

"This is nothing compared to what those service men and women have to do." Said Dawson.

Brady Oberg served in the Army and saw combat on the front lines in Afghanistan. When he came home his family says he suffered silently. Eventually his battle ended in August 2015 when he took his own life.

“We thought we could breathe because he was home.” Said Orberg sister Tracy Dunham. “We realized that wasn't the case. That's really when another war started all over for him."

Katie Oberg, Brady’s wife says, "He truly wanted to make something bigger and better with his life, and do something bigger and better for the common good. And we just felt that we needed to continue that for him."

The “The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation” promotes happy and healthy lives for combat veterans through retreats, scholarships for veterans going into the mental health field, and raising PTSD awareness.

So far the 'Border to Border Ruck March' has raised $75-hundred dollars.

The group plans to finish the journey sometime tomorrow.