UPDATE: Bear loose in Grand Forks safe in the hands of wildlife officials

Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 6:50 AM CDT
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UPDATE: We've been keeping you updated on a brown bear loose in University Park near the UND campus and we can now say the bear has made it out alive.

After one last shot of tranquilizer the bear appeared to be out cold. That's when authorities tied a rope around its leg and lowered it to the ground, where it was brought into a trailer waiting for it.

We're now told the bear is in the hands of North Dakota Game and Fish. Police earlier told us the goal is to get the bear back to the wild.

A UND professor assisting in the bear's capture says he's not sure how many darts went into the bear. But he believes two for sure and possibly at least three before the point of bringing the bear down from the tree.

ORIGINAL STORY: Grand Forks Police is warning the public about a black bear near the UND campus.

Police say it was first spotted at 3100 Demers Ave, and then in 700 N. 20th St. The UND Police Department posted video on their Facebook page of the bear taking a leisurely stroll through University Park. The bear eventually climbed a tree near the 2400 block of University Ave.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department was notified of the situation and is currently assisting the Police Department.

The public is reminded this is a wild animal which can be unpredictable if the animal is pressured, so the public is asked to avoid the general area and the animal. University Avenue from North 25th and North 23rd Street including the sidewalk area has been closed down due to the amount of vehicle and foot traffic trying to view the animal.

The GF Park District has also been contacted and the decision was made to shut down the splash park in University Ave. but the park will remain open.