Bison super fans take 'Magic Bus' to Frisco

(Valley News Live) - For the NDSU Bison football team, the road to Frisco's been a long one. But for some Bison super fans it's even longer, as 19 of them drive more than a thousand miles to the 2018 FCS Championship—in a souped-up Greyhound bus.

Fargo Bison fan, Scott Satermo, says he and his friends have been Bison fans since they went to NDSU in the 80s.

“After we finished college and started working and stuff,” he said, “we got more involved and now we travel everywhere."

And he and 18 of his friends are traveling better these days, ever since they bought a Greyhound bus a few years ago. They took half of the 57 seats and gutted them out, replacing the area with a kitchen, bathroom and beds--making the Magic Bus much like a mullet: all business in the front and a party in the back.

The group says they’ve taken many Bison and other sporting events trips.

"We always try to pick which, a couple games on the road that we travel to,” Satermo said. “This year we went to Spokane, to Eastern Washington, and we went to South Dakota, we went to Iowa."

In the past six years, the fans have traveled to Frisco, Texas the five most recent times the Bison have made it that far—they’ve made it six times in the past seven years.

Some of the group almost went last year—when the Bison didn't make it--as well.

"The wives cut us off, you know,” Satermo said, “we were still gonna go, but they weren't real excited about us going down just to watch somebody else play so...we watched the game in a fish house last year."

Satermo says it wasn’t the same.

"It was kind of sucky, but whatever," he said.

But now they're back on the road again. And the fans look forward to another win this year.

"'Cuz it's the Bison and we don't lose," Satermo said.

Except for last year, when the team lost to James Madison University in the semi-finals: the same team NDSU will re-match against this Saturday in the championships.

"There's no excuses,” fellow Magic Bus passenger and head tailgate griller, Dan Beecher, said. “We lost fair and square to JMU last year and they won it, so until we beat them I guess they're still on top but, you know what, to be the best you gotta beat the best."

But Krystal “Sugar” McDonald, a West Fargo Bison fan traveling on the bus, says it's not just a Bison win the group travels far and wide for.

"I love the Bison because they're a great team,” she said, “but most of all because they bring us all together. You know, there's bigger fans than I am but when I'm celebrating the Bison, I'm with Bison family and it's a great time."

"It's just the camaraderie between your family and friends," Horace fan Beecher said.

And just because the college football season's almost over, it doesn't mean this bus will stay parked until next season. The group hopes to take the bus to a Philadelphia Eagles' game next year to watch Bison alum, Carson Wentz.