Bison fans celebrate championship at the Turf

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)-- Logan Leas and Connor Grann graduated from NDSU in May. They've spent their fair share of Saturdays at the Turf, cheering on the Bison.

"It's just the tradition," Grann says. "It's all in the name."

Erica Imsande is an NDSU graduate as well. Bison football is especially close to her heart.

She was a part of the Gold Star marching band for five years and has made the trip to Frisco a few times herself.

The fans knew they had a championship in the bag as the Bison scored their final touchdown.

"I never really felt like we were in any kind of turmoil or anything like that," Imsande says. "It's been exciting."

"It's always nerve racking, even if you think you will blow them out of the water," Bison fan Justine Evanson says. "You always have a little bit of the 'Oh my goodness, what if it doesn't happen?'"

"Go Bison! You guys down in Frisco, if you are seeing this, live it up," NDSU graduate Matt Breiland says.

For many, the celebration is only beginning.

"You have to give those downtown Bison establishments some appreciation," Imsande says.

"We are just going to live in the moment and love it," Breiland says.