Bill would put restrictions on noise from boats, other watercraft

BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Laws exist to keep loud cars off the street, but not when it comes to the water.

Senate Bill 2342 would put restrictions on noise from boats and other watercraft between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The Schiermiester's said they have sometimes slept in their basement because of the sound they hear from the Larson's airboat.

What was supposed to be a meeting for a bill, seemed more of a personal conflict between two families on public water ways.

The Schiermiester's recorded the sound outside of their home. The Larson's say they have replaced the engine to a quieter one.

"If this bill passes, we're probably going to have to just sell our airboat and not be able to use it. We use it for duck hunting, deer hunting, bow fishing, it's one of our main hobbies, it's what we love to do how we explore the great North Dakota," said Brooke Larson, Bismarck.

The boat ramp is only about 200 yards from the Schiermiester residence.

Durant Schiermiester says the sound of the prop on the boat is unbearable.

"You can go out to the marina and see nice boats of 175 horse, they're out there at night you don't even know the people are there, they achieve the same thing and they don't destroy the environment or the wildlife, and their well-being or mental health," said Durant.

Brooke says a restriction on time during their prime fishing hours wouldn't be fair and says this boat allows them to fish carp, an invasive species in shallow waters.

Two others also spoke against the sound, complaining about the late hours. But Brooke says it's only really loud for a few minutes when they are leaving the dock, and when they are coming back.