Bear attack on dog prompts warning in western WI

Courtesy: Glenwood City Police Department's Facebook Page
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GLENWOOD CITY, Wis. (KARE) — A western Wisconsin dog is recovering after police say it was mauled by a bear Sunday.

The Glenwood City Police Department posted images of the badly wounded dog on its Facebook page, along with a warning for residents to stay away from the mother bear if they see it.

"This dog got into a fight with a bear on 05/12/19 when the owners let it outside before going to bed. This was in the city on West Walnut Street. The bear must have had the cubs close by because it continued the attack even after the dog ran to the deck," the post reads. "The owner shot at the bear and believes he hit it at least once."

Police are urging people to contact Wisconsin Wildlife Services at 1-800-228-1368 if they see the mother bear or her cubs within city limits as they are attempted to track her movements. They are also advising residents to bring in bird feeders and garbage cans at night so as not to attract the bear.