Barnesville woman charged with murder of young child

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 12:03 PM CDT
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Official charges have now been filed after a young child died last week in Barnesville, Minn.

35-year-old Kellie Anderson is now charged with second-degree murder in the death of the young boy who had been in her care since April 2019. The child's name and age were not available.

Court documents say a child was brought to the Sanford Emergency room 'blue' and lifeless, with bruising to the head and face on Thursday, April 23.

Anderson told officers she and her husband were set to adopt the child this summer.

Anderson said she kept the child home from daycare that morning as he had a fever. She said the child is currently teething and could tell he didn't feel well.

Anderson told police that the child 'self-injures' himself and described that he will throw himself around and not feel pain. She stated she gave the child a bath around noon that day, and said the child was throwing himself around and that's how he received the injuries on his mouth. Anderson also said the child 'threw himself several times from the bath to the toilet.' Anderson said she also believed the child may have seized in the bathtub or shortly after.

Documents say officers then interviewed Anderson's husband. Documents say he told officers he last saw the child Wednesday night around 7:30, and said there were not any injuries on him.

He stated he played with his kids for awhile before going back out to his garage to wood work. He stated his wife became upset with him over this. He later stated he gave the child a bath, as bathing the child is difficult for his wife.

Anderson's husband stated the child does not usually throw himself around and has never had a seizure before.

Kellie Anderson told officers she gave the child a bath Thursday morning to make him feel good. She stated she dropped her daughter off at the daycare across the street, but was listening to the other child on a baby monitor while she did this. Court documents say a monitor was not located during a search warrant of the home.

Anderson told officers she and her husband have discussed not going through with the child's adoption. She said her husband has also threatened divorce, and says she was the only one who wanted to adopt the child.

Officers noted the following injuries on the child:

A cut on the inside of his lip, numerous bruises on the child's back and side, a small bump on the child's head, and multiple marks and bruising on the child's face. The child also had a laceration and injury to his genitals.

A preliminary autopsy states the child likely died from asphyxia associated with blunt force trauma. The manner of death is listed as homicide.

If convicted, Anderson could spend up to 40 years in prison.