Balancing work and school

Published: Sep. 19, 2018 at 10:10 PM CDT
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Juggling school work is one thing. Adding a job on top of school can seem impossible.

“There’s definitely stressful moments when you have to work one day and have two tests the next,” said Kelsey Perdue, North Dakota State University sophomore.

Many students are taking on the responsibility of this challenging schedule.

Perdue is just one student that has set out on this task, and she says the benefits are setting her up for success.

“You are able to develop a lot of skills, and it’s preparing you for the workforce,” Perdue said.

She said putting in the extra effort could be what sets you apart from others.

“Employers, I think, are happy to see people that not only have been working hard and excelling in their studies but also have been out and there and gaining experience in different fields,” Perdue said.

Allison Goossens with the NDSU career center says it’s recommended that students consider picking up a job.

“Even if they are only working 5 to 10 hours a week, building those skills and balancing a job and academics builds a lot of character and a lot of those soft skills that sometimes they miss if they are just solely focused on their academics,” Goossens said.

She says having a job with a flexible schedule is crucial to find balance.

“We always encourage students to work on campus because employers on campus understand the student’s schedule already so they are pretty lenient with hours,” Goossens said.

She says every student is different, but the important part is using time management and not taking on too much where it begins to impact other aspects of life.

The career center has a job board where students can find the perfect fit. They also offer workshops to help with time management.

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