BREAKING NEWS: Huge fuel tank fire in West Fargo - concerns over air quality

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WEST FARGO (Valley News Live) -- The West Fargo Fire and Police departments issued a code-red alert for residents in a five-mile radius to shelter in place because of a huge tanker fire Sunday morning.

This is the message from the West Fargo Fire Department:

"Main Avenue is closed from Ninth Street E. to 17th Street E. as crews respond to a fire. The West Fargo Fire Department and Fargo Fire Department are on the scene with a hazardous materials team. Avoid the area until further notice.

"Residents within a 5-mile radius of Ninth Street E. and Main Avenue are advised to shelter in place due to an industrial fire."

A West Fargo spokesman said the advisory was issued because of the air quality due to smoke and fumes.

In a statement from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Magellan Midstream Partners said the fire at one of its terminals was in an above-ground storage tank. It said the tank contains ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The storage capacity of the tank is approximately 43,000 barrels.

The company said appropriate regulatory agencies had been notified, and the cause of the fire was unknown.

Truck loading operations at the terminal have been suspended.