BBB applauds local man for dodging 'Secret Shopper' scam check

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A local man raised eyebrows, after his wife got a check in the mail at her work for nearly $2,000. What he did next with that check, doesn't follow our typical scam story. In fact, Robert Schneck of Hillsboro, North Dakota did the right thing.

"Last week, my wife got an email saying she would get a special thing in the mail. She didn't open the email, because she thought it would be kind of just a, 'oh you get these all the time'."

Schneck goes on to explain what happened, “Yesterday, at her office, she got a letter, priority mail, and inside it, a cashier's check for $1,980."

There were instructions from a secret shopping scheme along with the check.

"You spend $270, then you get to keep the rest of this money. Return it to them, or whatever.. and that's it."

Schneck called the Better Business Bureau, after calling the local sheriff's office.

We brought the letter and check to the BBB, and Heather Aal found quite a few flaws.

"My first thought is, that's not legitimate. Done. When I feel the check, it feels like a regular piece of paper. There's no address. There's a name of a bank, but it's not centered. It's says it's security, but there's no security feature to that."

Aal says Schneck did the right thing.

"He absolutely did! Call us or call somebody and say this doesn't seem right.”

After reviewing Schneck's fraudulent check, the BBB will place the information into their system, called "Scam Tracker" database.