Assault charges filed in MOA stabbings

Assault charges filed against this man in connection with Mall of American stabbing

KARE -- MINNEAPOLIS A Minneapolis man with a history of mental illness is now charged with two counts of first degree assault in connection with the stabbing of two shoppers at the Mall of America Sunday.

Hennepin County Prosecutors say 20-year-old Mahad Abdiraham is expected to make his first court appearance Wednesday.

A criminal complaint filed against Abdiraham details how a 19-year-old man, who was shopping with family members at Macy's, came out of a dressing room to show off pants he was thinking of buying. While he was heading back to the dressing room the victim says he saw Abdiraham lurking nearby, and when he tried to exit the room the defendant was holding a large knife and began slashing him.

The victim received multiple cuts to his face, head, and arms, some of them reaching the bone. He would need a blood transfusion and will have permanent scars on his head and face.

His family heard the young man screaming and ran to help. The victim's 25-year-old brother jumped in and was slashed so badly he needed 42 stitches to close wounds to his back.

The injured brothers and other family members were eventually able to subdue Adiraham, and take away the 8-inch knife he used in the attack.

This is not Abdiraham's first violent episode. Last year, he was charged with assault after attacking and stabbing two staff members at an in-patient psychiatric unit with a pen. Courts records show he was acquitted of those charges due to mental illness.