FM area businesses find ways to keep lights on as layoffs continue due to coronavirus restrictions

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Rhonda Asleson says she’s finding a way to keep her West Fargo clothing store open because any disruption in business could mean the end.

“If these doors close completely, they won't reopen,” Asleson said.

Since the restrictions have been in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, Asleson, the owner of Curvy Divas, said she’s been doing live streams of her inventory to boost online sales.

“I don't have the resources that Walmart or you know, someone else has like Menards,” Aselson said.

Yet, Asleson said she doesn’t know how long she’ll stay afloat with the way things currently are. The businesses that manufacture the clothes she purchases for her store told her they’re closed.

“The store will empty out. Everybody else is shut down in other states where we get our stuff, so that'll put a stop [on] my online sales,” Aseleson said.

While some businesses are continuing to stay open with the coronavirus outbreak, others places such as the restaurant Tru Blu have decided to close indefinitely hoping they can reopen soon.

Dentist Austin Vetter said he’s offering online consultations for any person with a tooth issue in the hopes of avoiding an emergency room.

“They can stay home, keep the social distancing but yet be treated by a practitioner,” Dr. Vetter said.

His Fargo office is open for emergency surgeries only.

“We’ve had to lay off staff and a lot of them are at home wondering what the next step is,” Vetter said.

Some of the hallways of his office Tuesday afternoon were dark and the chairs were empty, creating a bleak outlook for the future. Yet, Vetter said he’s hopeful.

“I'm a young business owner, and so it may be harder for someone like me, to weather this storm versus someone who's been in practice for many years,” Vetter said. “But I always tell my staff that we need to rise up and overcome.”

Vetter, along with Asleson, said he wouldn’t mind the federal help but isn’t counting on it.

Instead, both business owners are focused on making sure their businesses survive post-coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Vetter said he hopes by offering online consultations he can ease the burden hospitals may face with the overflow of patients.

For those interested in signing up for one, visit