As WF woman mourns loss of dogs, farmer says he had to protect his property

Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 10:37 PM CDT
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A West Fargo woman says she plans to file a civil lawsuit against a man who killed both of her dogs when they ran onto his farm land.

We first learned of the incident involving Stephanie Kringlie’s dogs through our Whistleblower hotline.

Kringlie said her two Siberian Huskies were like family.

“This is the Link the first time he got shocked by the underground fence,” Kringlie said.

She had one female husky for two years named Mia and a male husky for only 8-months-old named Link.

“And this is what you would typically see of Mia rolling over and wanting tummy rubs,” Kringlie said.

What has Kringlie upset is that both are no longer alive.

“I try to keep them in my yard and unfortunately they got out, and got onto his yard, and onto his property,” Kringlie said.

Kringle said her dogs ran away Monday night, despite having shock collars on them and an underground fence around her home.

The dogs have escaped before in the last few weeks as she’s been training them to stay in her yard.

“I took very good care of my dogs and they listened, unfortunately this one time it happened,” Kringlie said.

She tried activating their shock collars multiple times and had notified West Fargo police of their disappearance, yet found out the next day they’d been shot.

“They did do something wrong, but in the manner that it was handled is so extreme to me that I can't fathom it,” Kringlie said.

According to a Cass County Sheriff's Office report, the dogs attacked the farmer's horse and chickens.

The farmer, who didn’t want to be identified, shot the dogs with a .22 LR rifle, according to the report.

He said they were threatening his livestock, and he also has two young kids on his property and didn't know what the dogs were capable of doing.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office is not planing to pursue charges against the farmer.