As Fargo emerged mostly in the clear, this week's storm pounded rural Cass County

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HARWOOD, N.D. (Valley News Live) While those in Fargo can celebrate at missing the worst of this week’s storm, a few miles north in Cass County some areas were hit by so much ice that roads were nearly impassable.

According to Cass County deputies, ice remains on county roads and highways and pooled water is making it hard for vehicles to gain traction.

Curtis Ladwig lives in the town of Harwood, and like many of his neighbors, his backyard is packed with snow. Some of it arriving Wednesday and Thursday.

“There’s more snow in the yard than there was in ‘93, ‘97, or 2009,” Ladwig said.

Ladwig’s wife died a few months ago and he said his children check up on him daily. He’s also wheelchair bound after getting his leg amputated a few years ago.

That doesn’t stop him from removing snow around his home. He uses a tractor with a snowblower attached.

“I go out to the ramp, get on my ATV, and go out and get the tractor,” Ladwig said.

While he is concerned about the pooling in front of his garage, Ladwig said he fears his roof may collapse because of the snow build up.

“I can't get up there to do anything about it,” Ladwig said.

He plans to wait on his kids to help him with his roof.

In the meantime, Cass County deputies expect most rural roads to be cleared by Saturday.